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Gamechangers in automation

Global Control Group’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, unmatched features, and unparalleled automation solutions make us the preferred choice for sailing vessel and superyacht worldwide.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Global Control Group is to revolutionize the sailing industry by providing cutting-edge software automation solutions to sailing vessels and yachts. We aim to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability in the maritime world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading global provider of sailing software automation solutions, setting new industry standards and transforming the way sailing vessels and yachts operate. We strive to empower sailors with advanced technology that simplifies navigation, optimizes performance, and ensures a seamless sailing experience.

What we Do

Global Control Group offers a comprehensive marina automation system that addresses the pain points faced by sailors. By integrating innovative technology, our software enables sailors to automate various aspects of their sailing operations, enhancing efficiency, safety, and performance. Our solution optimizes navigation routes, provides real-time weather routing, offers a digital twin for simulations and analysis, and ensures the seamless integration of sensors for monitoring various vessel parameters.


The software also simplifies maintenance processes by offering running hours and device specifications, allowing sailors to schedule timely maintenance tasks. By providing decision support and real-time status updates on any connected device, Global Sail Control empowers sailors to make informed decisions, optimize sailing performance, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water..

Data intelligence

Weather routing

Online Documented

Digital Twin

Cloud hardware inventory

Alterting and Monitoring



The company’s one-stop-shop approach to marina automation systems is another strength. By providing comprehensive solutions, Global Control Group aims to become a trusted partner for sailing vessel and yacht owners. This approach can increase customer loyalty and generate recurring revenue through maintenance support services.

Weather routing

Our advanced algorithms provide real-time weather routing, allowing sailors to optimize their routes and avoid unfavorable weather conditions, resulting in improved safety and efficiency..

Digital Twin

We enable sailors to create a virtual replica of their vessel, facilitating simulations, analysis, and prediction of various scenarios, ultimately leading to enhanced decision-making and performance optimization.

Decision Support

Global Control Group’s software provides sailors with valuable decision support tools, including real-time sensor updates, notifications, and recommendations, empowering them to make informed decisions during their sailing journey.

Maintenance Support

Our software offers running hours and device specifications, providing sailors with valuable maintenance support, enabling them to carry out efficient and timely maintenance tasks, reducing the risk of operational disruptions.

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